The Secret Shopper

How Would Your Customer’s Rate Your Service?

Research indicates that 9 out of 10 customers will quit patronizing a firm without registering a complaint; They will, however, speak negatively to 9-12 other people about their dissatisfaction. In addition, satisfied customers will share their satisfaction with their friends. Word of mouth advertising will give you the ultimate advantage over your competition.

Investing in a mystery shopping service is essential for any successful business.

Mystery Shopping Company

The Secret Shopper is a national mystery shopping company, dedicated to improving customer service for both small and large businesses. We can customize and implement a cost effective shopping program for any type of business. We are committed to providing our valued clients with detailed, high-quality reports that will best meet their individual needs.

Our goal is to reward, motivate and improve your employee’s performance and help your company attain the highest level of customer satisfaction.