Apartment Mystery Shopping

We offer competitive pricing. Each shopping report includes a phone and on-site evaluation.

The Secret Shopper has been evaluating apartment communities for over a decade. Our experience in the apartment industry enables us to provide insightful feedback and information that property management companies can use to further enhance the quality of their leasing staff and apartment communities. We have several shopping report forms to choose from or we can use a form provided by your management company. Our knowledge in the apartment industry allows us to properly instruct shoppers and obtain the information that is most valuable to you. This information is an important tool that can be used to Motivate, Reward, and Improve the performance of your leasing staff.

MOTIVATE: Having your communities shopped on a regular basis is an extremely effective method for motivating your leasing consultants to do their best at all times. If your leasing consultants realize that a ‘shopper’ could possibly visit the community at any time, they are more likely to be on their toes and focused on doing their best at all times. This establishes an increased urgency for the leasing consultants to always welcome and deliver their best presentation for each prospective tenant (even on a bad day). Based on thousands of evaluations performed, we have found noticeable differences in the motivation level and quality of the staff for management companies who have their communities shopped on a regular basis. Likewise, apartment communities who have struggled with leasing its vacant units have often not been committed to regular evaluations which could potentially help identify a cause for the problem. This seems especially prevalent in small communities with only one or two consultants working.

REWARD: Leasing consultants should be recognized for their efforts. Shopping reports provide an excellent tool for the leasing consultant to show their dedication and hard work. If a leasing consultant scores well on an evaluation, he or she should be rewarded and praised. A reward confirms that the leasing consultant’s hard work is acknowledged and appreciated. Management companies can acknowledge their employees in many ways. A small gift or a monetary bonus to an associate for a job well done will go a long way. Exemplary performance can also be acknowledged in a company newsletter. Some companies will use the shopping reports as a competition between communities, and reward the community with the highest score. By making the experience fun and rewarding for the leasing consultants, you will not only benefit from the improved performance and the information you obtain, but you will also proactively let your strong performers know how much you appreciate them and how important they are to the company.

IMPROVE: Our knowledge and experience from working with numerous property management companies enables us to appropriately instruct our shoppers to present themselves as good prospects for a community, and to obtain an abundance of valuable detail for their report. This information is intended to provide you the insight you need in order to determine how to improve your leasing opportunities. We will customize our shopping reports to meet your needs so that you can receive the necessary feedback that is important to you.

Our evaluations can provide you valuable insight on several important areas of focus such as:

  • Does the leasing consultant ‘sell’ the apartment community to a prospect over the phone? Does the consultant entice the caller to visit the community?
  • Does the leasing consultant make the prospect feel welcome and does he/she exhibit a friendly, professional attitude?
  • Does the leasing consultant ask questions to determine the needs of the prospect and incorporate those needs into his/her presentation?
  • Does the consultant emphasize the features and corresponding benefits of the community and surrounding area?
  • Does the leasing consultant create a sense of urgency to rent and attempt to obtain a deposit?
  • Are the model apartments and grounds clean and in good condition?

Reviewing the shopping report with your leasing staff is a valuable opportunity for training as it will assist you in determining the strengths and weaknesses of each leasing consultant. You will have the information you need to fine tune the leasing consultant’s skills and thus increase the success rate of each leasing opportunity.

The Secret Shopper is an effective yet affordable solution for management companies to achieve excellence. Allowing us to partner with you will allow you to Reward, Motivate, and Improve your leasing consultants’ performance, and help you obtain your goal of maximum occupancy.